en in Art: Woman of the Year Cyndie BerthezeneBy Malcolm Harris
In 2014, we saw amazing strides and accomplishments made by women throughout the art world. No matter where you looked, there seemed to be women artists, curators, collectors and entrepreneurs making their impactful presence known. When I personally look back at 2014, I can’t help but remember all the studio visits, solo and group shows featuring amazing contributions by women. However, there was one woman toiling away in her creative studio in the heart of Chelsea in New York City, not creating her own art, but molding and changing young lives. Meet Cyndie Berthezene of Time In Children’s Art Initiative — Woman of the Year!
When did you realize Time In was truly making a positive change?
From the first day! If you could see the first group of kids peeking their way into the studio and moving, slowly, from violence to cooperation — it was fantastic. At the end of our first year in Harlem, a Pre-K teacher, who had been in the school system for 37 years, said that she had never seen such a dramatic…
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The Time In Children's Arts Initiative
Yes, Time In, You Can Count on My Support!