emerging-artists-1In a part of Manhattan that hasn’t gone the way of cappuccino and chain stores — on a Chelsea street bustling with wholesale business and men pushing racks of garments — a group of artists makes its way up an old industrial building to a loft studio that overlooks a black tar roof and a metal sign factory.
Their portfolios are almost bigger than they are.

They are 1st-graders from PS 30 in East Harlem, one of the UFT’s six Community Learning Schools, heading for their weekly immersion in the aesthetics of high art. This isn’t kiddie stuff. When each of the two kindergarten and two 1st-grade classes go to the HiArt! studio, which works with children in underserved schools with its nonprofit program Time In, they create artwork, explore movement, language and music, and visit galleries and museums all over the city. Read More

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The Time In Children's Arts Initiative
Yes, Time In, You Can Count on My Support!