Time In is a groundbreaking arts initiative that brings some of New York’s youngest, most at-risk public school children out of underserved classrooms in Harlem and the South Bronx, and into the world of the living arts every week of the school year as part of their normal school day. Founded in 2006, Time In transforms the lives of inner city children, as it inspires learning and engagement in a nurturing, multi-sensorial learning environment that enriches children’s lives and helps them reach their fullest potential.

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A formidable advocate for educational change through artistic enrichment in under-resourced New York City communities, Time In is proud to have been a source of enlightenment and enrichment for more than 1000 deserving Pre-K – 2nd graders – as well as their classroom teachers and parent chaperones – since its debut. Working in a close partnership with some of the city’s most challenged public schools, Time In’s inspiring approach to an artscentric education continues to bolster and transform communities where some of the country’s poorest children are subject to debilitating academic and social inequities.

The Time In Children's Arts Initiative
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